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 Husband Wife Problems Solution is a must as we know the husband and wife relationship is very much important in society. Husband-wife problems occur after some years of marriage. There arise conflicts between husband and wife. There come issues like financial problems, extramarital affairs, or maybe the existence of a third person in a relationship. Sometimes these conflicts grow and the relationship ends up in divorce. So here we shall tell you how to stop divorce in marriage. The best idea to solve the husband-wife relationship is to consult some astrologer. A well-versed astrologer knows the reasons behind husband-wife problems. An expert astrologer may suggest the best remedy to solve husband-wife relationship problems. So do not waste time and consult Syed Muhammad Rizvi.

How to solve husband wife relationship problems

Syed Muhammad Rizvi advises every husband to keep a check on his wife’s behavior. If a wife behaves properly to your spouse then just love and respect her but if your wife behaves rudely and does not listen to her husband then take your hand and leave her. The astrologer said that any act of violence against the husband is a disrespect to the marriage. He adds that if your wife starts dominating your life then just leave her immediately. Marriage is a sacred bond and no marriage can function if the wife does not have her own mind and if she cannot give her consent to the husband. It is the right of the husband to divorce his wife. A husband should never live for the sake of his wife but he should love and respect her. No girl or wife can change her mindset or mentality.

How a third person can affect a husband-wife relationship

Most of the time it can be understood that in a marriage, there are many positives for both husband and wife. There are chances for a healthy and strong marriage. Many times it can happen that the third person interferes and even harm the relationship of husband and wife. When husband and wife are not engaged in the marriage then they start seeing each other and sometimes a third person enters their life.

He may be the best friend of husband or wife, or he may be a relative of both. There are many cases that a man can see his third girlfriend. In that case, he may feel ashamed and can do whatever he can to hide it from his wife. He may go to an extent of hiding their relationship from his wife. The 3rd person often gains more than he bargained and at times takes the wife with him.

Signs that tell you that your spouse is having an affair

A Rohani Amil can provide you Husband Wife Problems Solution. The problem is complex and very often it happens between husband and wife. There are different signs that show that your spouse has an affair. You may be a big company, but your spouse will be in an office. The behavior of your spouse reflects an extramarital affair.

Missing phone calls from your husband

It is very common for a man to neglect his work and his wives become upset. There is not much more evidence than this that suggests an affair in a marriage. The husband misses his wife and when his wife calls him, he is not interested in the call. Also if the wife does not feel respected by her husband, it can lead to an affair. The wife will be missing her husband more than her work.

Suggestions for a happy husband-wife relationship

To avoid divorce in marriage KHAN SAAB  says that you need to do the following things.

Keep to the general tradition of marriage. Do not marry another woman. If there is a third person in your relationship, you can separate and the other wife will be your own wife. For example, If you got married to Madiha, she is your own wife. If you had married your wife. If she was married to someone else, she is your own wife. Or if you had married another woman. She is your wife. Now if there is someone else, she is your own wife. You will have to marry someone else. You will have to marry another woman. You can get married to someone else. It depends on the phase of the moon. Wives have to take a bath in pure water before being married.

Who should you consult to solve your problems?

A husband and wife’s problems can be solved by some expert astrologer. A man and wife’s problems must be solved by a specialist astrologer. You can consult  . He is a popular name in local for astrology. He holds a college in this field and has knowledge of astrology. He has got many years of experience in this field.

KHAN SAAB is a popular name in the US for astrology. He can solve your husband and wife’s problems.

The best idea for solving husband-wife relationship problems is consulting an expert astrologer

KHAN SAAB is one such astrologer who knows all the best ways of solving husband and wife relationship problems. He is a very knowledgeable astrologer and all astrological remedies are best for all the husband and wife relationship problems. For example, according to the horoscope of KHAN SAAB, a couple having issues of income must consult an expert astrologer so that solutions of income problems can be given easily. If they need to opt for any other subject, then consulting an expert astrologer can help them a lot to get a solution to their problems. A typical example of a couple having an income problem is – – Quaid and Begum.

Now, let us tell you that their problem is not an income issue. It is a matter of marriage issue.


Remember, your astrologer is the last source to get information about husband and wife problems. If your astrologer fails to give you a solution then take the help of some of the other reliable sources like your siblings, parents, or friends

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